How To Build Your Beach Body Confidence

How To Build Your Beach Body Confidence

Does the thought of sporting a bikini this season fill you with dread?  Do you spend all of your time at the beach covered up?  Throw your beach body insecurities to the side and learn how to radiate confidence at the beach; we’ll share 5 simple tips that will have you turning heads this summer!

Focus on One Feature
What is the one thing you really love about your body?  Whatever it is, emphasize it.  If you love your slender neck, wear a statement necklace to bring attention to it.  Got a tiny little waist?  Wear a figure-hugging swimsuit.  You can even throw a skinny belt on over it, if you don’t plan on getting wet!  Love your gorgeous locks?  Curl them into sexy waves and throw in a hair accessory, like a cute headband.  Everyone will be so busy checking out your favorite feature that they won’t bother looking at your problem areas.

Forget About Everyone Else
You’ll probably never see half the people at the beach again, so why are you trying to impress them?  Your friends certainly don’t care what you look like, so this is the perfect opportunity to let loose, be yourself, and have fun.  Worrying about your appearance will only make for a stressful day, so carpe diem and let it all hang out! 

Pre-Beach Workout
A pre-beach workout might be just what you need to feel good in a bikini.  Hitting the gym right before you head to the beach will make you feel energetic, strong, and beautiful.  Plus, you’ll look extra-toned in your swimwear for the next few hours!  

Forget Your Flaws
Remind yourself that everyone has flaws.  Stop thinking about the Photoshopped celebs in those fashion magazines; you are a real person and real people are not perfect.  Even supermodels have cellulite, so accept that you are gorgeous and flaunt what you’ve got!

That Secret Something
There must be something that makes you feel sexy, whether it’s wearing your favorite perfume, slicking on some red lipstick, or listening to your favorite song.  Whatever it is, do it at the beach!  If you feel your sexiest in jean shorts, throw them on over your swimsuit and strut you stuff.  If you like feeling anonymous in a pair of oversized shades, go for it!  Find your “secret something” and use it to get that confident edge that every woman wants.

Making sure you’re wearing a flattering swimsuit will make you feel good and look good this summer!  Click here to read about the best swimsuits for your body type!