Avoid Valentine’s Day Stress

Valentine’s Day is a “holiday” made for couples. It can be a stressful time whether or not you’re in a couple. Unless you’re one of those who really couldn’t care less about all the Valentine’s Day lovey-dovey sentimentality, getting through this day unruffled may prove wearisome. 

But Valentine’s Day stress can be avoided. Here’s how.  

No-Stress, No-Frills Day of Hearts

If you are in a relationship, kicking the romance up a notch often means having to deal with very unromantic things, such as big crowds, expensive meals, overpriced chocolates and flowers, and waiting in long lines and/or heavy traffic. 

But you can still create something memorable and sweet for you and your special someone. 

  • Have a lunchtime picnic somewhere scenic and/or private, or enjoy a pre-packed dinner al fresco and under the stars. A rooftop, the park, or even just your balcony or backyard can be a romantic setting if you plan it just right. 
  • Treat you and your partner to a day or night of quiet and relaxation. A few hours at the spa or a room-service massage at a hotel might be the perfect Valentine’s Day date especially if the two of you rarely have time for such simple luxuries. 
  • Try something new and even silly together, such as a ballroom dance lesson, a pottery class, or wall-climbing. 

If you are single and you know that all the “love in the air” will most likely annoy you to no end, that’s all the more reason to do something for yourself!

  • Kick back, relax, and enjoy a glass or two of your favorite drink while binging on a favorite show or reading a new book or an old favorite. Forget your chores for the day and have some much-deserved me-time. You can make this day your own kind of holiday!
  • Avoid the restaurant crowds, hit the supermarket and whip yourself up a special meal; you can even indulge a bit on your favorite dessert. If you’re up for it, invite other single friends, and throw a singles-only potluck party. 
  • Start/finish a DIY project while listening and singing along to your favorite songs. 
  • Buy something nice for yourself. And do it without guilt! 

All the fuss that surrounds Valentine’s Day can lead to unpleasant experiences and ruin an otherwise romantic celebration. Or it can emphasize your singlehood in ways that might bother you. With a bit of early planning, however, you can make this “special” day stress-free and special in your own way.