Stress-Free Travel Essentials

Stress-Free Travel Essentials

This time of year, many of us are traveling to go visit loved ones in another state or even in another country. If you’re anything like us, you hate the stresses of traveling: packing, waking up earlier than any other living creature, sitting next to strangers on the plane, making sure your tablet/computer doesn’t get damaged, being comfortable and stylish, making sure the kids don’t make a mess. and of course making sure you have snacks. Through our extensive research, we’ve come up with the ten essentials we see for making travel stress free.

Wear These

Kentwool Socks: We like to be comfortable, especially when we travel. These socks have a layer of padding on the bottom, so every step is like walking on a cloud. Plus, it’s a great extra layer of insulation if we have to take off our shoes in the dreaded airport security line. We love these socks for long rides and trips with a lot of walking, because they absorb 30% of their weight in moisture but don’t make our feet feel gross or clammy! Dry feet are happy feet. Happy feet means happy travelers. 

The Sholdit: What if we told you we found a product that combines the style of a scarf with the utility of a clutch? We did! The Sholdit was invented after the creator lost her passport and cellphone because she refused to be burdened by a traditional bag. This is one of our picks because it offers the style of a scarf, the utility of a clutch, and the security of a cross-body messenger bag. This is the go-to gift for the stylish female traveler on your gift list. 

Pack These Snacks

The Republic of Tea’s Traveler Tins: If you’re anything like us, you like to make sure there’s always a constant supply of good tea on hand. Instead of searching grocery stores, why not bring along these conveniently-sized travel tins from the Republic of tea? Each tin contains six tea bags, which is just the right amount for a trip. If you’re a tea-aholic, who not bring along two tins? Each tin is about the size of a hockey puck, so they can pretty much fit anywhere! Delicious tea at a convenient and packable size? Yes, please!

Single Serve StarKist Creations: Toss a sliced bagel in your bag and a packet of tuna into your bag; lunch done! With so many junk food options available when traveling, these help you stay on the health wagon. We love them not only because they’re easy to pack, but because they’re downright tasty! With flavors like Lemon Pepper, Herb & Garlic, Hickory Smoked, and Sweet & Spicy, why not bring a few and make every day’s lunch a different taste of tuna? 

On The Move

Shoe Done It? Shoe Repair Kit: Who doesn’t hate ruining a pair of shoes while traveling? It’s totally happened to us, that’s why we thought it was so important to include this simple but life-saving shoe repair kit! Heel Seals, Boot Stay, Flatliners, Pen Pens, Sole Glow, Kung Shoe Grip, and WunderCover are all part of this kit, which means every shoe-mergency can be taken care of. Plus, it comes in a fantastically small box. If that’s too big, these items are all very slim on their own, so they’ll fit into any bag! This is the definition of a travel essential!

Good Better Best Dining Out: Again, eating during travel can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to get. This is the first book that focuses on more than 35 of the popular American restaurant chains. The book is divided into categories like types of food, special diets, and family-friendly restaurants. It also features reviews, interesting facts, and helpful tips so that we know exactly what to eat while on the road. It’s only a little thicker than a passport, so it’s become our travel-food Bible!

Lifeproof Nüüd iPad Case: Admit it, you don’t feel so great about taking your iPad on a trip. It’s roughly the same dimensions as a thick piece of paper, but costs upwards of $500 and has many of our valuable files on it. We get nervous too, that’s why this case is an absolutely travel essential for the iPad owner in your life. It takes the stress out of traveling with an iPad. This baby is waterproof (yes, PROOF to 6.6 feet), shock proof (up to a 4 foot fall, so you’d have to be a giant to ruin your iPad), snow proof, and dirt proof. Is there still a question as to whether or not this is the essential iPad travel item? Not for us!

For The Ride

Technogel Travel Collar– This travel pillow from Technogel’s Experience Center Los Angeles is the top of the line pillow for traveling. This ergonomically shaped travel collar really takes the stress out of catching some shut eye on a long ride. We love the fact that this collar allows air to ventilate, which means you don’t have to flip it to get to the cool side of the pillow. We think this is the travel pillow for everyone and couldn’t recommend it any more highly. This is the future of pillows now!

AUVIO High-Performance In-Ear Metal Earbuds: You might be surprised that headphones made by a certain doctor of music aren’t on our list. Quite simply, these headphones are amazing. Who would have thought that a pair of headphones under $50 can outdo a pair that are twice the cost? Not us! So that’s why we put it to the test! Rich bass, clear separation, a tangle-resistant cable, and a secure fit all make sure that that bizzare man next to you on the plane doesn’t even think about talking to you. 

Motorola S11-FLEX HD Wireless Headphones: For those that want an even more stress-free traveling experience, these Motorola Bluetooth headphones make personal listening even easier! No tangled or cut cords to worry about, plus you can set your phone to shuffle and leave it in your bag the whole ride! How cool is that? The sound is amazing here, too, with deep sounds and crisp treble coming through in force. 

Enercell 700mAh Credit Card Size Power Bank: Never worry about traveling with a dead device again! With the Enercell Power Bank, emergency device power is available on the go! We love this because it’s no bigger than a credit card and can be placed snugly in with all our other electronics. This makes things so much easier for those of us who always have to be connected! 

Bibby Mat by 2 Red Hens Studio: Traveling with kids can be one of the most stressful parts about the holidays, and having them eat while on the road can be an absolute disaster. Thankfully, this elongated bib doubles as a placemat so your car, the plane, and your child will all be mess free while they eat. Plus, you can take these to restaurants so you can actually go out in public with your kids! This is a must have for families traveling with toddlers.