Must-Haves For The Entertainer

Must-Haves For The Entertainer

Withl Christmas almost here, it’s hard to believe the parties are so close! We’ve been getting ready for our own parties, but never seem to be able to catch up with all the work we have to do. We’ve come up with some must-have items for the entertainer. Who doesn’t want more time to spend with friends and family and less time spent worrying? Keep reading for these stress-relievers for the holidays.

Sonos Play:3 Hi Fi Music System– We love supporting American-based companies, and Sonos is an American company. Plus, they have created our new favorite entertaining item. The Sonos Play:3 music system allows you to wirelessly bring your music library to any room in the house. Just set up the speakers in different rooms, and as the party starts, bring the music with! The sound quality is amazing, plus you don’t have to lug a heavy boombox with horrible sound around the house!

Casabella Chop ‘N Prep™ Bamboo Cutting Board with Prep Tray– If you’re like us, you don’t have expanses of empty counters in your house. Chopping vegetables and meats can be a hassle because of space. To cut up more, you have to find somewhere to put the chopped items to make room on the cutting board. Casabella has come up with an ingenious and beautiful solution. This cutting board has a prep tray that slides out from the bottom, so you instantly have somewhere to put the chopped items. We love this for making a big dish of stuffing, because once we’ve chopped all the ingredients, we just slide it into the pot to cook. 

Sloan Sensor-Operated Wall-Mount Liquid Soap Dispenser– This soap dispenser, available at, is an ingenious way to make sure that the little ones at your holiday get togethers don’t make a mess when they go to the bathroom. All they have to do is put their hand under the motion activated sensor, and a perfect amount of great smelling soap comes out. We even have one in our kitchen to prevent cross-contaminating when we cook!

VodkaZinger– It’s as fun to use as it is to say! This wonderful tool lets you infuse your favorite vodka with any flavors you want. We’ve already made cucumber, strawberry, lemon, and even hot pepper vodka in the short time we’ve had it! Pro-Tip: If you’re using a less-expensive vodka, pour it through your water-purifying pitcher five times before placing it into the zinger. Though it won’t taste like a high end vodka, the purifying and VodkaZinger will definitely kick it up to the next level!

Menu Cool Breather Carafe– Stylevisa is one of our go-to sites for our favorite home items, and this white wine carafe is no exception. The center of the carafe features a cooling stick that will keep the white wine of your choice cool while still maintaining it’s full flavor. No water mixing in to ruin the taste! Plus, it’s a beautiful piece of glassware and will definitely be a conversation starter!

SnackMan™ Motion-Activated Treat and Candy Dispenser– This snack dispenser from Brookstone also relies on motion-sensing technology to perfectly serve out the snacks of your choice. With three portion settings, you get to choose how much your guests receive! We love this because nobody can stick their hands into a bowl of food but people can still take as much or as little as they want. This is also great for serving breakfast cereal!

Panasonic NN-SE982S Genius Prestige Microwave Oven– There’s a reason why the words luxury, genius, and prestige are in the name of this microwave! It fits into all of those categories, plus it has built in inverter technology which perfects the art of microwave cooking. It can automatically cook certain foods based just off of what they are. If that doesn’t make preparing or reheating side dishes easy, we don’t know what will! Plus, it has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval,so you know it’s good! It also has our seal of approval too!