Fit and Fab Friday Favorites: Natural and Organic Makeup

Even those who are fortunate enough to inherit genes for beautiful skin will suffer from regular exposure to the harsh chemicals used in most makeup brands. When we choose makeup products, however, we rarely bother finding out what ingredients are in them; we are more concerned about the richness in pigment, long-lasting wearability, and how beautifully and easily they can be applied. 

The loveliest finish requires a naturally lovely canvas. This means having healthy skin, to begin with. And especially if you wear makeup every day, you may want to start looking into products that are natural and organic – or products that are better for your skin long-term. 

Natural and Organic Options

It should be noted that the FDA has yet to establish and regulate how makeup brands use the “natural” and “organic” labels. In the U.S. beauty industry, a product can be labeled “natural,” “natural-based,” and/or “organic” as long as they contain some natural ingredients and/or meet USDA-certified food standards. Additionally, not all natural and organic ingredients are safe for the skin. 

It’s also possible that you might have an adverse reaction to certain natural and organic ingredients. So before using a natural/organic makeup product, find out exactly what ingredients are in them. 

Here are some of the best natural and organic makeup brands you should have in your cosmetic bag. 

100% Pure Beauty

The brand is serious about how and where ingredients are sourced. They offer a complete line of skincare, hair, body, and makeup products that use natural ingredients and with no synthetic chemicals.

Kjaer Weis

This luxe beauty brand that has become popular on Instagram produces quality cream and powder formulas in their compacts using natural and organic ingredients. The compacts are also refillable and, therefore, sustainable. The collection offers a beautiful, glowy effect, which the brand maintains from within as well as without. 

Ilia Beauty

This brand’s products contain organic bio-active botanicals for skin nourishment. Their makeup line only offers clean and pure products that also give a luxurious look and feel. 

Juice Beauty

This brand ensures that they only use ingredients that are certified organic, so you can be sure that there are no toxins, pesticides, synthetics, and/or fertilizers present. Each product not only offers great texture and finish, but also antioxidants and skincare nutrients. 

Au Naturale

As the name itself says, this brand’s makeup formula leaves the skin feeling as good as it does naked. They use naturally- and ethically-sourced ingredients; there are no synthetics, harmful chemicals, and/or animal by-products present. 

Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and while you’re enhancing your features with makeup, you can also nourish your skin when you use natural and organic options that are just as wonderful as synthetic makeup brands.