The Best Ways to Keep Your Metabolism from Slowing Down

The Best Ways to Keep Your Metabolism from Slowing Down

One very serious issue that you may have to deal with on your weight loss diet at some point or another is  metabolic slow down.  Essentially, whenever you’re on aweight loss program for a length of time and have reduced your calorie intake, your body is going to take this as a signal that it may be entering a potential period of starvation.

After all, it’s getting less food than it would ideally like to be taking in, and your body doesn’t realize that you’re simply trying to burn off that excess fat around your middle. Instead, your body thinks there could be a shortage of food and so precautions are taken by the body to  keep you alive.

As a result, the body is naturally going to begin to slow down all its processes so that it requires less energy to stay alive and function.

If you’re trying to lose weight, however, this is most definitely not a good thing.  If you don’t reduce your calorie intake to match the reduction in metabolic rate, it will be much harder to lose weight.

So how can you overcome this problem? Is there a way to trick the body into thinking that it’s not starving and keep it running as fast as possible?

You bet there’s a way, and that’s precisely what we’re going to go into.  Here is how you can be sure that your metabolism doesn’t slow down on your diet program.

Schedule Regular High Calorie Days

The very first and the most important thing that you can do to be sure that the metabolism doesn’t slow down is to schedule in some high calorie days along with your low calorie days.  This doesn’t have to come all that often, after all, you still must maintain a proper calorie deficit, but if you can add one very high calorie day into your plan once every week or two, that can really go a long way to offsetting this metabolic slow down.

What it’s going to do is signal to the body that starvation is not actually occurring and encourage it to speed up its metabolism again.  Even better is if you can be sure to make these days high carb as well, as carbohydrates are also closely connected to maintaining metabolic function.

The more often you can do these high calorie days the better, but you do have to keep in mind that if they come around too often, it will of course hinder weight loss.

The trick is doing it often enough to fool the body but not so often that you ruin your weekly calorie deficit.

Maintain A Weight Lifting Regime

Second, another important thing you should do to maintain your metabolic rate is make sure that you keep up with a weight lifting program.

Out of all the exercise that you should be doing, weight lifting is it because it’s the one that will preserve your lean muscle mass.

Since your lean muscle is what revs the metabolic rate because muscle burns a number of calories just at rest, you’ll see immediate benefits from doing this.

Don’t Go Crazy With Cardio Training

The final thing that some people overlook is the fact that this metabolic slow down doesn’t necessarily have to come about because of a dramatically reduced calorie intake.  Sometimes, it can also be brought on by so much additional exercise that the body simply doesn’t have enough fuel reserves to keep up.

For example, let’s say you’re taking in 1500 calories per day, which isn’t low by any dietary standards, but then are going off and doing two hours of cardio exercise, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening and are burning off 1000 calories total, this only leaves you with a net calorie intake of 500 calories.

Now hopefully you can see that that is in fact way too low and because of this, the body will slow its’ metabolism down.

It’s not just a decreased food intake that can prompt this process, but more it’s a mismatch in food coming in and energy going out.

Whenever the mismatch is simply too large, that’s when you’re going to be running into a problem.

So, as you go about your diet plan, be sure to keep these points in mind. If you structure the plan properly, you definitely can prevent the metabolism from slowing down and keep seeing the high rate of fat loss that you’re after.

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