4 Reasons To Cut Out Liquid Calories

4 Reasons To Cut Out Liquid Calories

Soda, energy drinks and other high-calorie beverages won’t do your waistline any favors. Most of these mid-section offenders are high in carbs and sugars, and by cutting them out of your diet, you’ll have more room for good food! Easier said then done, right? We understand completely! That’s why we’ve got four good reasons why you need to do this today!

  1. Calorie Cravings – Diet soda might have zero calories, but it still isn’t good for you. Research has shown that drinking diet soda revs up your appetite by tricking your taste buds into thinking you are consuming sugar, but it leaves your stomach feeling empty and craving real calories. You might follow up that can of pop with a bag of potato chips, so skip the soda altogether.

  2. An Extra 10 Pounds – Not everyone can stomach the taste of diet soda, so they supplement with the real thing. It probably tastes better, but you’re doing some real damage to your body if you drink one 7.5-ounce soda pop each day for a year. You will be consuming about 36,500 calories – just over 10 pounds! That’s a serious reason to break your soda pop habit!

  3. They’re Not All Equals – We all need to drink water everyday to stay hydrated and to look and feel our bests. The exact amount of water we need is a hotly debated topic, but scientists agree on one thing: soda, coffee and juice don’t count as water. Replace one of those other drinks with a bottle of water instead, and it could mean the difference between maintaining or gaining.

  4. Danger, Danger – Energy drinks are filled with caffeine, vitamins and herbal supplements. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Many of the ingredients in energy drinks waver between good and bad. They might give you a burst of energy, but there are many adverse side effects. We recommend that you skip energy drinks, and opt for natural energy boosts instead, like getting 8 hours of sleep and making good food choices.

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