alkaline diet

Losing Weight Through Alkalinity

When your diet promotes a more alkaline – or less acidic – environment, it will have a more positive effect on your body. And especially because alkaline foods include fruits, veggies, and seeds, it goes without saying that an alkaline diet is healthy and can promote weight loss. You will also have to reduce your consumption of acid-forming foods, such as eggs, dairy, grains, meats, fish, coffee, alcohol, and carbonated water; generally speaking, these foods are also common culprits in weight gain. 

An alkaline diet also recommends opting for organic produce, as the soil they’re grown in is usually richer in alkaline-forming compounds. 

Studies have shown that cell function is more optimal when the body is given a high alkaline load through food. Benefits include maintenance of lean muscle mass in aging adults; better bone health; reduced back pain; and reduced risk for high blood pressure and stroke. 

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