The Bee Pollen Diet

The Bee Pollen Diet

I will be the first to admit that I am frightened by bees, any size any shape. They scare me to death, but once I heard they may cause me to lose weight I began to rethink my fear and see them in a different way. Studies have shown that the pollen from bees may be linked to weight loss. The bee pollen refers to the pollen from flowers that is collected by bees. The pollen is considered one of the most nourishing foods due its vitamins and amino acids. 

The pollen collected by bees helps to stimulate the metabolic processes in the body, which causes it to lose weight. There have not been many studies done to prove its effectiveness, but the science and logic behind it is credible and clear. The pollen is so nutritious, low in calories and satisfying, it also helps to eliminate cravings for other foods, thus contributing to weight loss as well.  

You can buy this natural weight loss solution at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or a local nutrition store. So, would you confront the bees if it meant losing a few pounds?

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