Pump Up with Simple Paleo Dinners


The super-trendy Paleo diet--aka the caveman diet—involves a return to the types of foods our ancestors ate before the Agricultural Revolution. Typical Paleo meals include primarily animal proteins (sorry vegetarians,) lots of fresh or frozen vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit and nuts.  The diet cuts out grains entirely and allows a very limited amount of dairy products.

Paleo’s guidelines might seem a little strict, but you can still enjoy tons of delicious, satisfying meals while on this diet, without having to worry about counting calories! Click through for some of our favorite Paleo entrees.


Great Grilled Beef Dinner

You’ll do your cavemen ancestors proud with this meat-heavy meal. Grill up some beef, season it with spices and add it to a bed of vegetables if you so choose. It's a simple way to get your protein fix in. This is a pre- or post-workout meal that will fuel your muscles. Click here for the recipe!


Beautiful Beet Salad

This entrée is great if you’re craving something a little lighter than the Paleo diet’s typical meat-heavy meal. Beets, apples and carrots make a crunchy summer salad. It will add a dash of color to your diet recipe routine. Click here for the recipe!


Super-Easy Egg Bake

Fresh vegetables and bacon bites add flavor to this versatile egg dish. You can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! This is a classic Paleo diet preparation that's easy to serve as a great breakfast, lunch or dinner delight. Click here for the recipe!


So-Sweet Carrot Cake Pancakes

Who said Paleo breakfasts have to be boring? Whip up these delicious pancakes as a special weekend treat. Make breakfast for dinner with this fail-proof awesome pancake recipe. Add in even more fave Paleo-friendly ingredients to take this sweet treat recipe over the top. Click here for the recipe!


Fresh Power Up Salad

Take a trip south of the border with this seafood, avocado and pico de gallo salad. Bonus: It’s completely Paleo-friendly. This fresh salsa recipe is great to pump you up before you get started on a
strenuous workout. Rely on the benefits of healthy to push your fitness efforts to their greatest heights yet! Click here for the recipe.


The Classic: Sizzling Bacon and Fried Eggs

It’s a breakfast classic that also fits within your Paleo diet guidelines. You can fry this delicious meal up in minutes, so get cracking! Pump up with plenty of protein thanks to this quick and easy caveman diet mainstay. Click here for the recipe!


Superfood Fave Pomegranate and Faro Salad

This salad’s sweet layers make it an interesting addition to any Paleo dinner table. We especially love the combination of butternut squash and pomegranate for summertime. It's a sophisticated dish to make that will also up your workout energy. Click here for the recipe!


Classy Mushroom & Balsamic Salad

The recipe’s Italian herbs and dressing combine for a taste that’s straight out of Tuscany. This sophisticated salad makes a savory side to any meat entrée. It's a great starter or even better as a full meal. Click here for the recipe!