Interview: All About the Dukan Diet

Interview: All About the Dukan Diet

Chances are that you have heard about the Dukan Diet book and its popularity, but do you know how it really works? Fit&Fab had the chance to talk to representative Dianna Antlocer, and we have all the details you need in order to understand and begin this diet on your own! Keep reading for all the inside scoop.

Tell us a bit about the Dukan Diet and its 4 Phases.
The Dukan Diet is the only diet plan with a real emphasis on the later phases of keeping the weight off. It is “eat as much as you like” of 100 natural unlimited foods consisting of protein and vegetables.  You don’t do counting of any kind and your goal is your True Weight – a weight you can both reach and maintain for life.

  1. Attack phase – averages 2 to 7 days – a lightning-fast start where you will lose up to 5 pounds eating unlimited pure proteins from a list of 68 every day along with 1 ½ Tbsp. of oat bran and walking 20 minutes per day.  Also drink a minimum of 6 glasses per water per day in all phases.

  2. Cruise phase – every other day rotates pure proteins and protein + vegetables (from a list of 32) and 2 Tbsp. oat bran until you reach your True Weight. Weight loss averages 2 pounds per week and you will walk 30 minutes per day.

  3. Consolidation phase – This phase lasts 5 days for every pound lost and was created to  prevent rebound weight gain. You eat protein + vegetables every day, adding 1 ½ oz. cheese, 1 fruit, 2 slices of whole grain bread, and continue with 2 Tbsp. oat bran.  Add 2 servings of starch per week and 2 celebration meals – one appetizer, one entrée, one dessert and one large glass of wine – no second helping!  Walk 25 minutes per day and observe 1 Pure Protein day per week – Protein Thursday.

  4. Stabilization – the rest of your life. Eat what you like – based on the Consolidation phase and observe 3 non-negotiable rules: Walking – do not take elevators or escalators, eat 3 Tbsp. of oat bran per day and have 1 Pure Protein day per week.

Why do you think that the Dukan Diet is a positive diet option for women trying to start 2012 off on the right foot?
This diet is a positive option for women trying to start off 2012 on the right foot because this diet really works!  The proteins in the diet create the effect of sponge being rung out – so you lose a lot of “false” weight that is due to water retention.  Particularly in people who are sensitive to water retention from sodium as well as pre-menopause, menopause and post menopause – where weight gain is inevitable from water retention due to the hormonal changes. Also – anyone who has severe carb craving issues who may or may not be diagnosed with insulin resistance – Syndrome X – metabolic syndrome or who have Type 2 Diabetes will have tremendous success on the Dukan Diet. It’s also easy! Even busy Moms use the diet as a base and then add grain, starches and fruit for their kids.

What are the key differences between the Dukan Diet and other diets that are in the public eye?
The Dukan Diet is different because it is simple – you eat as much as you like of 100 foods, so there is no hunger and no counting of any kind. The food is natural and it tastes great!  You still get to enjoy your food – you are not meant to be eating plain broiled chicken breast. You are meant to use every fat free low sodium flavor available to you to really get pleasure from your food. There is a plan for keeping the weight off that is in place – you don’t have to “figure it out”.  Most of all – it really works!

Are there any celebrities that have spoken openly about using this diet approach? It was rumored that Kate Middleton practiced the diet before her wedding.
We do not know of any celebrities that have spoken out directly about the diet.  There are only rumors of several.  We do know that Carole Middleton (Kate’s mother) was on the Dukan Diet pre-royal wedding, as she did acknowledge it in an interview, but anything else in the media is rumor.  We don’t promote this in any way – it just happens.

What is your favorite success story regarding Dukan? Do you yourself practice the diet?
There are so many! It’s like asking to pick a favorite child! Sam lost 101 pounds and said “My wife can’t keep her hands off of me. It has not always been that way.’ Brittainy is an ongoing success story – the weight is falling off of her (68+ pounds) and talks about how beautiful she is feeling.  She and her mother Brenda (also a Success Story) and her sister are doing the diet together.  I really love to hear about people who have improved medical tests who get taken off medication for blood sugar and diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. I do practice the diet.  I am currently in the Cruise phase.  It really works!

Can you tell us a bit about the products like the Dukan Diet Oat Bran Chocolate Muffin Mix and Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Supplement? Which Dukan product is your personal favorite?
The muffins are a great chocolate fix! They are addictive, so our Staff Nutritionist came up with a way to make them individually in the microwave. I just started taking the Appetite and Fat Control and really love it. It is really helping me with cravings.  It also seems to be helping with water retention. We have reports from people that have experienced increased weight loss as well.

Is the Dukan Diet a diet you believe women can practice long-term AND short-term (before a wedding or special event)?
With the lightning fast results of Attack and the consistent results of Cruise – someone doing the diet short term can really get where they want to be quickly.  Though, Dr. Dukan states that the MOST important phase is Consolidation.  If you don’t do something to prevent the rebound weight and you go back to your old way of eating, you will regain it all – just like any diet. Those who follow their Consolidation to the end and honor the 3 non-negotiable rules are successful in keeping it off forever.

Many diets leave some room for indulgence, while the Dukan Diet participants are supposed to stick to the list of approved foods.  What are the parameters for eating food outside this list while on the diet?
It is not recommended to eat foods outside the list during the weight loss phases of the diet (Attack & Cruise).  In order to be successful in the diet, it is recommended to stick to the list of 100 foods and the condiments and extras that are allowed.  There are so many ways to indulge on The Dukan Diet – there are recipes for muffins, pizza, cookies, cheesecake, crèmes and custards.  A bit of cocoa powder is allowed to make things chocolaty.  You can get really creative and make many different desserts.   You can also keep it simple and add no calorie sweetener and flavorings to your yogurt to make a creamy dessert, which you can also freeze for frozen yogurt – or eat sugar free gelatin or have some diet soda to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Is any press  ‘good press’ and do you learn from people who don’t succeed with this diet, or do you think most people can find success if they stick to the diet? If followed properly, what percentage of people who practice the diet find long-lasting success?
Yes – any press is great press! Even when media is negative, people are curious and research the Dukan Diet for themselves and when they see how many people have had success where nothing else worked, they decide to give it a try.  Everyone can find success if they stick to the diet as written – this is the biggest challenge, isn’t it? 100% CAN find long lasting success, if they choose to follow the phases laid out like a road map before them.  The people who fail veer off-course by not using the official book as a guide and try to do it on their own using websites of other users that are in no way official, or by word of mouth – doing what someone else says is the diet. That’s not really The Dukan Diet.  Also – anyone who constantly questions the book by asking “can I have this, can I have that” is not ready for the diet.  Those are signs they are not ready or willing to make the lifestyle change necessary to lose the weight and get healthy.  People who 100% follow The Dukan Diet as written are extremely successful.

What is the best thing someone has told you or relayed to you regarding Dukan?
I just love hearing how the Dukan Diet has changed people’s lives for the better.  Yes, it’s great to hear about the cosmetic result – of people being happy about how great they look – but it’s more the reaction of others around them and how that has a positive impact.  And most of all – all the great stories about people getting their health back, both how they feel in improved energy as well as lowering or getting off altogether of medications, such as for high blood pressure, cholesterol and various diabetes medications including insulin. We hear every day that this diet worked where all others did not.

Editor’s Note: Always consult a doctor before engaging in a new diet or exercise plan or regimen.

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