All About The Omni Diet

All About The Omni Diet

We’ve heard all about specialty and fad diets throughout the years as well as quick fix ways to lose weight and be healthier, but most of them fall flat and don’t work. The Omni Diet interests us because it’s a common-sense mentality to losing weight and being healthier, without going hungry, exercising to the point of exhaustion, or committing to omit all of our favorite treats from our diets. We decided to investigate the Omni Diet and its potential for helping people lose weight and lead more balanced lives — read on to see what we found!

The Right Kind of Counting
In The Omni Diet, a guidebook by R.N. Tana Amen, she’s quick to point out that not all calories and sugars are created equal. Calories in doughnuts are much different than calories in vegetables, so it’s unfair to rank these foods against each other. A successful diet plan doesn’t rely on these inconsistencies and instead governs what kinds of foods you should eat most of the time.

Ditch Processed Foods
Most of what you buy at the grocery store, from crackers to soda to soup, is a processed food, meaning it’s not in its natural state when you buy it from the store. Dairy, sugars, processed foods, and grains are not foods that animals have access to in the wild, and our bodies aren’t designed to handle the copious amounts of these that have become commonplace in our diets. In addition to reversing inflammation, cutting intake from these groups of foods can reverse or improve conditions of obesity, diabetes, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, and many more.

You DON’T Go Hungry
Unlike other diet plans such as Weight Watchers, there isn’t an allotment of food you are given for each day. Rather, you can eat tons of fresh, tasty vegetables and vegetable juice, healthy portions of lean meats, and moderate amounts of fruits, nuts, and seeds. The balance of 70% plant-based foods for illness-fighting nutrients and 30% protein for the health of your brain, muscles, and organs restores energy, slashes the risk of disease, produces weight loss, and gets you healthy from the inside out.

Beat Genetic Predisposition
If you feel trapped by the conditions of your relatives such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and arthritis, you can reverse your path and better avoid these illnesses by changing your diet. Processed foods high in sodium and sugars help bring about these conditions, and following the prescribed directions of the Omni Diet can not only help combat excess weight but will also have long-term benefits in terms of risk of developing these conditions.

Don’t be Miserable
Going hungry, exercising 7 times a week, and losing sleep are not part of this diet plan. In fact, the Omni Diet encourages you to get a full night of sleep, because if you are stressed you won’t lose weight or be healthy.

Doesn’t this diet sound like one worth trying? Would you ever try the Omni Diet? Leave your questions for us and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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