The Shred Diet: Drop 4 Inches and 2 Dress Sizes in 6 Weeks

The Shred Diet: Drop 4 Inches and 2 Dress Sizes in 6 Weeks

When I think about the word “shred,” the first thing that comes to mind is a weight room full of muscular men grunting to one another, “get shredded.” While the Shred Diet won’t transform you into a body builder, world-class weight-loss expert and best selling author Dr. Ian Smith insists that anyone can drop 4 inches and 2 dress sizes in just 6 weeks.

In his #1 bestselling book, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet, Smith introduces a new weight-loss concept: “Diet Confusion.” Like muscle confusion, Diet Confusion tricks your body and increases its performance by varying your food intake. This will prevent your body from stabilizing its metabolism, which results in the accumulation of fat. Instead, by varying the quantities and types of food in your diet, your body will actually burn more calories as its metabolism is constantly readjusting.

According to The Dr. Oz Show, the Shred Diet consists of 6 weeks guided by 3 main rules: meal spacing, calorie roller coaster and detox.

Meal spacing: The Shred Diet incorporates eating smaller meals and spacing them out so that weight gain is prevented, as hormones are kept stable. A typical day on the diet consists of eating four meals and up to three snacks a day.

Calorie Roller Coaster: As you start the diet, you will slowly decrease your calorie intake. But around week 3, you will gradually increase your calories.

Detox: Unlike most diets, a detox cleanse will take place in the latter half of the 6-week plan in week 5. The trick is not fasting or eating less, but making additions to your regular four meals and three snacks to help stimulate detox. You will ingest drinks full of antioxidants ranging from hibiscus tea to lemon water that will cleanse the liver and help your body get rid of harmful free radicals.

However, as much as these 3 components are important, 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 days a week is just as essential to the diet plan.

Think you’re fit to join the Shredder Nation? Visit Dr. Ian Smith’s official website for more information.

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