The Right Way To Read Nutrition Labels

Have you ever starred at a nutrition label, and realized that you had no idea what you were actually looking for? Understanding nutrition can be incredibly complicated, so today we’re breaking it down for you.

You can put all of your thoughts about calories aside, because today we’re focusing on what really matters. We’re explaining serving sizes, what fats you should avoid, what the percentage of daily values means, and what ingredients you should always avoid. Keep reading to see all the information.

Serving Sizes:

Have you ever seen those 100 calorie snack packs, or a bag of potato chips that claims to only have 150 calories? Well the reason they can advertise these calorie counts is because that’s how many calories make up a serving. Just because the package says “snack size” does not mean that it’s one serving. More often than not, those packages actually hold two or even three servings.

You can find how many servings are in each product by looking at the nutrition label. The label will say how much of the product makes a serving, and then how many of servings are in that particular package. If you are counting calories or trying to keep track of your daily food intake, make sure to measure your servings for the most accurate information.

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