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The Best Summer Recipes for a Beach Body

For a flaunt-worthy beach body this summer, fiber is your best friend! Add enough fiber to your diet and you will feel fuller and more satisfied longer which, in turn, will help prevent weight gain! Fiber also helps minimize your body’s calorie absorption, so excess calories are instead “flushed out!”

Here are some delicious summer recipes that will add more fiber to your diet and get you ready to hit the beach!

  • Make a yummy strawberry smoothie using a cup of frozen strawberries, 1 percent-fat milk, and agave syrup. You’ll get about 3 grams of fiber, 50 calories, and a full day’s dose of vitamin C from the strawberries. 
  • Add a cup of green beans to soups or stir-fries and get 4 grams of fiber, 44 calories, and vitamin K to your meal. 
  • Add a cup of cooked corn to salsa or salad and get 5 grams of fiber and 177 calories, and to feed the good bacteria in your gut so you’ll have improved digestion. 
  • Add a cup of raspberries to Greek yogurt or oatmeal and get 8 grams of fiber, only 64 calories, and a more flavorful breakfast or snack. 

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