How to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

How to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

Weekdays are often filled with structure and routine, making it easier for many to stick to a healthy diet and check a good workout off their to-do list. When the weekends arrive, our calendars are often filled with social obligations, ranging from BBQs, birthday parties and potluck dinners to a simple dinner at a favorite restaurant.

With opportunities to indulge occurring more frequently on the weekend, it can be hard to resist overindulging every time Friday evening rolls around.

Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the weekend:

Eat a healthy breakfast: Start your day on the right foot by eating a breakfast that includes healthy carbs, fat and protein. Beginning your day with a hearty meal makes you less likely to feel ravenous and overindulge later in the day.

Take time for snacks: Make it a point to eat a midmorning and/or and afternoon snack to avoid extreme hunger come mealtime. That bread basket won’t look nearly as tempting if you’re not starving.

Ask yourself, Is this really a special event?If you’re truly at a special event (like a wedding), indulge in something special (like wedding cake). If the event is a routine BBQ or a simple get-together with friends, don’t use it as an excuse to down copious amounts of chips and dip.

Fit in fitness: Don’t use the weekends as an excuse to lie around on the couch. Make it a point to get out of the house and go for a walk around a local farmer’s market, explore a new hiking trail or go swimming at the pool with friends.

Keep your hands busy: We often head into the kitchen when we’re bored at home. Keep your hands busy with something else (file your nails, pet your dog, exchange hand massages with your boyfriend, flip through a magazine) while watching TV to avoid the urge to wander into the kitchen.

Put a to-do list on your fridge: Make a mini to-do list for the weekend and tape it onto your fridge featuring easy, around-the-house things that need to be done (like the laundry). If you’re heading to the fridge to fight boredom and not hunger, look at your to-do list and tackle one of the items on the list.

By: Julie Bream, Healthy-Living Blogger, Peanut Butter Fingers

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