45 Weight Loss Tips to Get You Through the Holiday Season

45 Weight Loss Tips to Get You Through the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is just about here and that means what else but being surrounded by tons of fantastic food–and family and friends, of course!  The holidays are when most people gain a little extra weight each year, so start strategizing now on how you can avoid letting your favorite foods get the best of you! Even after Thanksgiving passes by, it’s not long before Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve and Day roll through, bringing even more friends, family, parties and food!

Here are 45 of our best weight loss tips to ensure that you have the best holiday season without expanding your waistline!

Healthy Eating

How to Win the ‘Diet’ Battle
Keep Counting Calories
Downsize Your Dinner Plate
Bag (Or Box) The Leftovers
The New Shape of Food
The Kitchen’s Off Limits
Pack a Lunch
When to Grocery Shop
Eating While Angry
Portion Out Snacks
Eat Lean Protein to Avoid Overeating
Watch Out for Salads
Use Chopsticks
Confuse Your Senses
3 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Healthier

Working Out

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight
The 4 Most Fun Ways to Burn Calories
3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Your Workout
Dance the Calories Away
Work Out With Your Significant Other
Try A Class
Spray Tan and Lose Weight
Take the Stairs
Burn More Calories
Think Activity, Not Exercise
3 Steps to Your Workout You
How to Workout in the AM
A Quick Heart-Pumping Exercise
How to Do a Lunge
Exercise for Beginners

Food Facts

Smart Holiday Food Choices
4 Reasons to Eat Salmon
Choose High-Quality Pasta
Easy Way to Eat Your Veggies
Letting Go of Mayo
3 Foods to Add to Your Lunch Today
Know Your Cheese
Snack on an Apple
The Most Satisfying Breakfast
A Better Sandwich Choice
Drink Green Tea Today
Benefits of Pumpkin
Make Room for Mushrooms
4 Simple Steps to Making a Healthy Pizza
It’s Cocoa Weather

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