fruit smoothies

Cut Out 200 Calories Per Day Without Even Noticing

With simple tweaks to your diet and daily habit, you can cut out 200 calories per day without feeling it! Here’s how!

  • Use Greek yogurt instead of mayo. 
  • Skip the cheese when preparing or ordering a sandwich; replace with more veggies, instead. 
  • Use agave nectar in your fruit smoothies. 
  • Substitute salad dressing with salsa. 
  • Chew on fruit-flavored sugar-free gum when craving for a sweet snack. 
  • Enjoy an English muffin with fat-free cream cheese instead of a bagel. 
  • Mix equal amounts of potatoes and cauliflower or turnips to make mashed potatoes, and use tahini and fat-free yogurt instead of butter and milk. 
  • Hydrate with water instead of soda or fruit juice; it’s also filling!

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