Sweet and Salty Cravings

10 Foods to Satisfy Your Sweet And Salty Cravings

Everyone has days where all they want to do is grab a pack of Twizzlers or stuff their face with French fries.  Trying to fight cravings completely often ends in disaster, because you end up giving in and overindulging.  Next time you have a craving for sweet or salty foods, treat yourself to low-calorie foods that will satisfy your craving.  We have plenty of suggestions!

You’re craving…something sweet.  
If you want to reach for a bag of Skittles, remind yourself that they’re filled with unneeded calories and devoid of nutrients.  If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt, reach for snacks that contain natural sugars.  Here are a few sweet treats you can safely snack on:

Fruit:  The ultimate sweet treat that you can’t overdo, fruit is all-natural and wholesome.  Pick berries for a hefty dose of antioxidants, or go with citrus fruits for a vitamin C boost.

Yogurt:  Creamy, natural, and full of probiotics, yogurt is great for your digestion and your taste-buds!  Plus, you can buy yogurt in all your favorite flavors, from key lime pie to strawberry cheesecake.  Just make sure you stick to low-fat versions, or pick Greek yogurt for extra protein.

All-natural Popsicle:  Perfect for a hot summer day, some all-natural Popsicle contain as little as 50 calories!  High in vitamin C, they pack a nutrient punch that many snacks don’t have.  You can even try making your own Popsicle with yogurt and fruit!

Sugar-free gum:  With the lowest calorie count of all, sugarless gum’s sweet taste makes it perfect for satisfying cravings. Plus, it will keep your mouth full, stopping you from indulging in any other sugary desserts.

Tea with honey: Black and green tea are full of antioxidants and are often considered super foods.  Add honey as a natural sweetener and you have a wonderfully healthy combination to sip on!

You’re craving…something salty.

Giving into your salty food cravings can be devastating to your health.  Americans as a whole already consume much more sodium than is recommended, so indulge your salt cravings without overdoing it.  Here are some guilt-free salty foods to try!

Lightly salted nuts: Protein, unsaturated fats, essential minerals…nuts have it all!  Grab a small handful of almonds or a few cashews and you’ll be chowing down on a nutrition-packed snack.  Just make sure you pick lightly salted nuts.

Popcorn: Popcorn is a low-cal snack that’s fun to eat.  You just need to know which kind to choose. Make sure you skip the fake butter flavoring (or any butter flavoring, for that matter).  Also, many companies now make 100-calorie popcorn packs, so go for those.  The healthiest option of all is to pop your own, so grab an air popper and get started!

Pretzels: Pretzels are low in fat, unlike most potato chips.  To prevent overindulging, take some out of the bag and transfer them to a small bowl.  If you eat directly out of the bag, you may find yourself with an empty bag an hour later!

Whole wheat crackers: Picking a high-fiber whole wheat cracker is a delicious and healthy snack option.  Spread them with your favorite nut butter for extra protein and taste.

Potato wedges: If you’re itching to head to the drive-thru to pick up some fries, try homemade potato wedges, instead.  You can control the amount and type of oil that is used, plus these wedges are baked instead of fried.  Click here for an easy recipe!

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