CONTEST WINNER: Marylou's Weight Loss Story

CONTEST WINNER: Marylou’s Weight Loss Story

Marylou Hansen, Age 65
Starting weight: 250 lbs.
Ending weight 123 lbs.

My weight loss journey began in 1973 by circumstance, definitely not on purpose.  I had separated from my then-husband.  I had 5 kids ranging from an infant to 12 years of age.  My husband refused to pay child support, which was not enforced in those days and my job only paid very little.  I was forced to be frugal. I got food from a food bank every 3rd day which was limited (quart baggies of instant oatmeal, powdered milk, instant potatoes, 10 slices of bread and maybe a can of spam).  That little food doesn’t go far in a family of 6, so most of the food went to my kids.  That first 3 months I lost 40 pounds. 

“Before” picture, in the orange t-shirt:

I found a diet plan on the back of a cereal box called the Set Point Diet.  I followed that diet for a year and took off another 87 pounds.  It was a sensible plan that included balanced eating from all the food groups and exercising.  I have been able to keep the weight off all these years by eating smart (I eat all things in moderation leaning toward healthy), working out 5-6 days a week (4 times/week with my personal trainer who has me do circuits, strength training, cardio, core, stretching; 1-2 times/week at home) and drink lots of water. 

I do not deprive myself and think that is one of the reasons I have successfully kept the weight off.  I am diligent about my food choices and exercise. I even eat healthy and exercise while on cruises and have never gained a pound.  I’m completely wired – I wear a MIO heart rate watch, a bodybugg and pedometer.  Many don’t realize that losing weight is easy, it’s maintaining weight loss that’s hard work!

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