Deli meat

How to Choose the Healthiest Deli Meats

Prepare healthier sandwiches by using healthy deli meats! 

If you’re counting calories, deli meats with the lowest calories are turkey breast, with 22 calories per 1-ounce slice; chicken breast, with 29 calories per slice; pastrami, with 41 calories per slice; and ham, with 46 calories per slice. Avoid high-calorie deli meats, such as bologna and salami. 

Choose deli meats with the lowest fat content: turkey breast, with 0.35 grams of total fat per ounce; chicken breast, with 0.40 grams of fat; and pastrami, with 1.63 grams of total fat and less than 1 gram of saturated fat. Again, bologna and salami are the least healthy options in terms of fat content. 

Deli meats often contain high amounts of sodium, but cold cuts with the least amount are: turkey breast with 213 milligrams per ounce; and pastrami with 248 milligrams. Chicken breast and salami are the unhealthy choices when it comes to sodium content. 

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