Food Journals: Write It Down, Shed the Pounds

Food Journals: Write It Down, Shed the Pounds

This is no magic formula for when it comes to weight loss. One way to keep yourself on track and honest is by writing everything down—that’s where a food journal comes in. Keeping a food journal is a helpful tool for achieving weight loss and staying healthy.

Here are three tips for starting and keeping a food journal: 

Write down everything you eat. Don’t leave anything out. This will keep you organized and aware of exactly how many calories are consumed on a daily basis. Choose a journal that is small enough to fit in your purse so you can always have it on hand. It may seem silly writing down everything you have, but your body and mind will thank you in the end.

Review entries once a week to notice trends, make goals, and gather information on what is working or not working to help you lose weight. Are you grazing too much? Not getting enough greens in your diet? This will put the facts in front of you.

Plan weekly goals to stay on track with weight loss. Achieving set goals acts as a motivational tool leaving you feeling accomplished and more likely to stick with a diet plan. If it helps, start a rewards jar. Add $1 for every goal you hit and treat yourself to a new little LBD or weekend getaway after you have filled up the jar. 


If a pen and paper isn't for you, try using one of these three apps:

MyFitnessPal is a completely free and easy calorie counting application. Your able to log your meals and track your daily calorie intake as well as receiving nutritional tips, recipes, and meal plans.

SparkPeople is a network of sites focused on health and wellness. After entering the food you’ve eaten the items are categorized based on nutritional value so you can see how many carbs you’re eating, sugar consumed and also if your getting enough vitamins and minerals.

LoseIt! combines food tracking and activity tracker. A cool thing about this app is the ability to scan barcodes and search for ingredients in order to know the exact calories in everything you eat or drink.


Although food journals may seem tedious, the daily reminder of both what you eat and how much you eat is a helpful way to limit daily calories and steer clear of consuming empty calories. As well as writing down what you eat, adding a fitness log to your journal will aid in shedding the pounds and support weight loss. Now grab a notebook and a pen, and get started! 

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