Lean Protein: What’s the Big Deal?

Find out why it helps you lose weight (and try a few protein-rich recipes of our own)

Lean Protein: What’s the Big Deal?

It’s a new year and another chance to throw yourself into healthier habits! And what better place to start than the way you eat? We all have one or two things we’d like to be improving on when it comes to eating habits. Incorporating lean proteins into your diet--like quinoa, egg whites, oatmeal, black beans, and fish (among many others)--is one thing you can do to make this year better than all the rest.

Lean proteins have all sorts of great benefits. Not only do they aid in weight loss, they can also help you bulk up if you’re spending time in the weight room, cut down on your risk of cardiovascular disease, improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and boost energy. When it comes to building muscle, protein is a building block. After putting your body through a workout, your muscles are rebuilt using the proteins you ingest. Lean proteins also help you feel fuller and may increase metabolism, which can help you lose weight if you’re looking to cut down on bulge. But make sure you steer clear of fatty proteins like bacon and hot dogs and choose top sirloin or skinless chicken breasts instead. 

Enough preaching. Now that we’ve got the point across, you might be wondering how you can incorporate more protein into your daily food intake and which foods to stock up on. Here are a few protein-rich meals that we swear on:

Tropical Tilapia

Healthy eating doesn’t have to taste like a compromise. This recipe features tilapia (or catfish, if that’s more your taste)--a fish rich in protein and good on the taste buds. Sushi is also a great lunchtime choice for a never-ending workday.

Edamame with Sea Salt

This recipe is great as an opener for a main course or a quick midday snack. Soy is a great source of protein and these green soybeans can be incorporated into tons of meals for a quick boost. 

Lentil Minestrone Soup

This easy and delicious soup is chock-full of protein packed lentils. If you are looking for plant-based ways to get your protein fix look no further. 

Healthy Black Bean Taquitos

Black beans are an excellent source of protein. Try making these fun snacks for a healthy for a healthy party option.

Healthy Quinoa And Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

Add a little good-for-you protein to your breakfast with this easy to make Quinoa and Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl. Trust us, you won’t feel like you are cheating on your favorite diner breakfast with this healthy option. 

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