Summer Fashion Trends

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends

Lucky for us ladies whose fashion style is more relaxed, this summer season is the one we’ve been waiting for. The latest summer trends don’t involve killer stilettos or tiny skirts, and we’re thankful! During the next several months, comfortable clothing rules! We’ve scoped out the designers and we’re betting that these summer styles will be at the top.


Take a risk and check out the latest flea market or vintage store in your neighborhood. These looks are one-of-a-kind, and our guess is you probably won’t ever find someone wearing the exact same vintage blouse as yours. Look out for antique printed tops or a stylish belt. If you can’t find a vintage store near you, there are tons to browse online.

Sheer Tanks 

See-through is in, but only if you have a cream-colored or white tank underneath. You don’t want to be on display, but you’ll still look sexy with these light layers. Since these tanks are almost weightless, try to balance it out with a traditionally conservative bottom, like a pencil skirt or khaki trousers.

Over Sized Hats

They’re not just for the race track anymore. Especially on the beach, these mega-big hits are making a bold stand. White is the best choice and you can dress this look up with a sundress or down with a pair of jean shorts and a sheer tanks.


This look is loose, loose, loose! Flowing skirts and v-neck blouses made of more sheer materials will feel great against your skin when the humidity rages. Best of all, the boho look can’t be pinned down by one person. It’s a little different for everyone because it incorporates several styles, like ‘60s flower child and old school gypsy. Just don’t forget the gold earrings, pendant necklaces and the lovely layers and you’ll be obsessed!

Summer Boots

Don’t throw you’re favorite boots in the closet when the warm weather hits. At least not this summer anyway. Keep your legs bare and slip on your favorite boots when you’re not in the mood for those gladiator sandals or flip-flops. Make sure to stick with ankle-high boots that are lighter in color than your winter ones.

Hippie Headbands

Accessorize with these funky bands that come right out of the ‘60s. They’re cool and can be a real life-saver on a bad hair-day. You can either go thin or thick, with the former a little more common than the latter. Just remember to pick a solid color, rather than print. You’ll be able to find more outfits that match and will get more longevity out of the headband.

High Waisted Skirts 

They’re easier to wear than shorts and they’re ultra flattering. If you’re a little worried about your thighs or hips, try one of these skirts that pretty much suit everyone. Try dark colors like navy and plum and match with a sheer tank or off-the-shoulder tee. The skirt shouldn’t be longer than your knees.

Toned Down Colors 

Pale green, chalky red, goldenrod and watery orange are dominating the tops this summer. Choosing one of these shades for your look and complementing it with black or brown on the bottom isn’t just fashionable, it’s elegant too.

Girly Dresses

No, we don’t just mean pink. This summer, dresses will have some pretty extravagant details, including ruffles, corsets and thin belts. Colors will mainly be the toned downs shades mentioned above, but also lavenders. Make sure you have a light-colored cardigan to throw on just in case it get’s chilly, and you’re set!

Cropped Tops

This is probably the riskiest fashion trend, that’s why we saved it for last. It’s a little ‘80s, and outside of the comfort zone of many women, but we still think you can go for it. Be confident, and when all else fails, tuck the front part in. You can also wear the cropped top over a longer tank. The crop should have it’s own distinct style, like lace or fishnet. You don’t want the crop top and tank to match perfectly.