5 Ways to Wear Turquoise – The Hottest Summer Color

Make your summer mood as refreshing and striking as the sea-green hue of turquoise. Here are 5 ways to wear this chic and vibrant shade as you soak in the glorious summer vibe!


Turquoise-colored beads or traditional turquoise or blue topaz stones set in gold, silver, or brass, these jewelry pieces will dress up any summer outfit. Grecian cuffs, chunky rings, fierce drop-earrings, or a layered beaded necklace – accessorize for any ensemble and occasion!  


Specs with turquoise frames or Jackie O sunglasses framed in bold blue-green will instantly give a vivacious effect! Aquamarine and cat’s eye frames are a match made in heaven!

Daytime Casual

Give your wardrobe a brilliant splash of blue-green or the light and fresh tones of aquamarine. The myriad shades of turquoise blend so well with summer colors and prints. An airy, summer dress with whispers of turquoise amongst pale yellows and creams. Or go for a more opulent look when you mix and match turquoise and gold. A pairing of blue-green and white make for a Greece-inspired get-up! 

Evening Ensemble

Rich, stunning jewel tones make for an eye-catching outfit for a night of fun or romance, or both! A light jacket of soft aquamarine; a stylish statement in metallic turquoise heels; a posh jumpsuit in solid teal; or a fancy and dreamy dress in sea-green lace or satin. Pair with brass or gold jewelry to complete the evening ensemble!    

In the Bag

A  handbag, shoulder bag, tote, or purse in deep sea-green will definitely make a bold fashion statement! Your turquoise bag can be a strikingly stark contrast to your neutral attire; or it can be a warm accent to a polished look. 

Summer is always about vivid and refreshing colors; rich and exciting hues. Symbolizing the vibrance of life, the lush outdoors, and the serenity of the sea, the jewel tones of turquoise can be the perfect complement – a splash of freshness or warmth – to the bright and airy feel of the season.