Top 10 Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends

Top 10 Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends

This season’s trends will keep you warm without letting your look lose its heat. Sizzling red is this season’s color, but that doesn’t mean that black has fallen off the map. On the contrary, all-black (yes, we mean from head to toe) is hitting fashion in a big way. Two sexy fabrics are looking to be trendy this fall too, and a few looks from the ‘70s have returned. Take a look below for Fit&FabLiving’s top 10 fall fashion trends.

  1. Buttoned-Up Collars and Turtlenecks – Open-fronted plaid flannels are so last season. This fall, you won’t need to purchase a ton of new blouses. You’ll just be switching the look up a bit to make it more chic and put-together. Button up that work blouse all the way to the top. This style is about looking organized. Since this look is about conservatism, pair it with solid colored mini and a few necklaces. A flashy pin works too.

  2. Velvet – This is the fabric of the fall. Fun to touch, and even more fun to wear. It’s sexy, and even just a minimally black velvet top is enough to give you an ego boost. For a little more drama, try a red wine color or long navy blue velvet dress. Accessorize in velvet as well, with a soft scarf or hat to keep you warm.

  3. Capes, Drapes and Ponchos – Easy to pull off, these styles will cover you up in the cold, but still allow you to demonstrate your fashion know-how. Walking the streets of any city on a chilly night with a black leather cape on and you’ll be sure to turn more than a few heads. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, try a fun brown and white striped poncho.

  4. Military – The best part about this look is that anybody can pull it off. Khakis, jackets and caps are the best military items to buy right now. Just make sure you don’t go overboard by wearing an entirely military outfit. Add something white and black, like a tank or headband, to your outfit, along with one military item, to verge away from total armed domination.

  5. Fringe – It was huge in the ’70s and now the fringe is back again, appearing on runway handbags, and taking center stage in your department store’s accessory section. If you’re a little nervous about incorporating this trend into your wardrobe, then stick to just a little fringe on a satchel or handbag. Just a little few tassels at the bottom of it will do the trick. Denim is the main match for this style, so just grab your favorite pair of jeans and get going!

  6. Red – This color seemed to dominate New York Fashion Week. If you’re looking for a more feminine look, try a over-sized red leather bag or a slouchy red hat. Bolder looks include loose red trousers or a bright red sash belt. Just wearing this color in a slight way is enough to make your look more daring and autumn-ready.

  7. Bell-Bottoms – The skinny may have reigned as queen for long, but another ’70s trend is re-emerging for denim this autumn. Flared pants, wide-legs or bell-bottoms; no matter what you call them, they’re all the same. Whereas skinny jeans are tight, and can make your thighs the focal point, flared pants give you a more comfy and loose look. Pair this look with a tight, tucked-in top.

  8. Clogs and Wedges – Shoes with heels made of wood have been all over the runway! Skip the stilettos and ultra-high heels. These chunky platforms and wedges give you a dreamy look and make you feel like you’re walking on air. Check out clog bottoms on a variety of shoes, such as knee-high boots and ankle boots. Be yourself, and try to pair these choose with a pastel top and gold jewelry.

  9. Leather – Leather skirts have been all over the runways, and we think you can pull of this femme fatale look. Make sure to stick to longer shorts (avoid Daisy Dukes), and pair with a white tee and silver jewelry. Other hot leather looks include trench coats, leather trousers and leather jackets.

  10. All Black – It seems like in the fashion world, so many designers and celebrities avoid black. Not this season. Black is making a comeback! But did it ever really leave? We don’t think so. The all-black look actually works will every trend on this list, and that’s why the color is so important. Not only is it slimming, but it’s a launching point to the other fall fashion trends.