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The Top Fashion Tips and Trends You Need to Know!

The world of fashion can be incredibly fickle.  As top fashion model Heidi Klum of “Project Runway” always says, “one day you’re in; the next day you’re out!”  Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the top fashion tips to keep you in style throughout every season!  We also have the top fashion trends that you need to follow this fall.  Keep these tips and trends in mind; even top fashion designers know them and practice them!

The Top Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

  1. You don’t have to dig yourself into a one-way hole with fashion. You can be casual one day and dressed up the next without ever compromising your sense of style. The trick isn’t having an extra large wardrobe; it’s about using basics and accessories to dress something up or down. Wearing a summer dress may seem fancy, but by slipping on a light cardigan, putting your hair in a messy bun and wearing a causal pair of sandals, you can effectively dress down your look. In contrast, dress it up with a pair of strappy heels and a few pieces of jewelry. Let your hair down and put on a girlie headband to complete the look.

  2. Trying to look tall and lean? There is one major fashion trend you have to avoid. Big, bulky belts (no matter how cute they are) will only widen you. Try this look instead: wear a long jacket with a shorter skirt. It’ll look cute without a belt!

  3. One of the best ways to catch a few eyes is by combining two seemingly different styles in a fun and fierce way. So something out of the norm, like combining a ‘80s glam skirt with a girlie frilly top. Accessories are the easiest way to switch up your style.

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The Top Fashion Trends for Fall

This fall, expect to see all sorts of unique fashion trends you haven’t seen before!  From fringe-covered clothing to military-inspired gear to sleek leather jackets, you’ll see them all!  Here are just a few top fashion trends you need to look out for this season:

  1. Buttoned-Up Collars and Turtlenecks – Open-fronted plaid flannels are so last season. This fall, you won’t need to purchase a ton of new blouses. You’ll just be switching the look up a bit to make it more chic and put-together. Button up that work blouse all the way to the top. This style is about looking organized. Since this look is about conservatism, pair it with solid colored mini and a few necklaces. A flashy pin works too.

  2. Velvet – This is the fabric of the fall. Fun to touch, and even more fun to wear. It’s sexy, and even just a minimally black velvet top is enough to give you an ego boost. For a little more drama, try a red wine color or long navy blue velvet dress. Accessorize in velvet as well, with a soft scarf or hat to keep you warm.

  3. Capes, Drapes and Ponchos – Easy to pull off, these styles will cover you up in the cold, but still allow you to demonstrate your fashion know-how. Walking the streets of any city on a chilly night with a black leather cape on and you’ll be sure to turn more than a few heads. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, try a fun brown and white striped poncho.

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