The Best Halloween Costumes of 2010

The Best Halloween Costumes of 2010

Kids aren’t the only ones dressing up for Halloween anymore. Teens and adults can still join in on the fun and play dress-up with a fun, and even sexy, costume. Whether you’re attending a friend’s spooky party or taking a trip out to a hotel or bar, you’re going to want to look smashing on All Hallow’s Eve. We’ve collected the top Halloween costumes for women of the year. Some of them are ultra sexy, others are super cute and we’ve even found some funny costumes that will make your friends giggle!

Lady Gaga Costume – Last year, bars and clubs were filled with homemade Lady Gaga costumes. This year, Halloween costume companies have smartened up. You can now find Lady Gaga’s VMA performance costume, her black and silver sequin dress and her aqua jump suit for sale.

Indian Warrior Costume – Native American costumes have continually been a popular pick for women, but this year there’s a major difference. This Native American is also a warrior. She can kick butts and still look so hot!

Candyland Sexy Deluxe Adult Costume – We’ve all played Candyland as children, and frankly, we’re surprised this costume hasn’t been big in the past. This sassy outfit has the entire game board on the dress! It also comes with a petticoat, candy-striped knee highs and hat.

Jonah Hex Lilah Adult Womens Costume – There weren’t as many big movies this summer to give us tons of costume ideas, but we still love Lilah’s costume in Jonah Hex. It’s sexy, sultry and pretty much awesome! If you’re looking for other movie costumes, try this Avatar costume or this Alice in Wonderland costume.

M&M Tank Dress Teen Costume – This tank dress, which comes in green and blue, features the face of the M&M character and the logo on it. Pair the costume with white or black boots and add a leather jacket to the ensemble if it’s chilly. Grab a wig that’s the same color of the dress if you want to be a little more daring! Not a fan of M&Ms? Try Skittles then!

Jersey Shore Snooki Costume – Pop culture is often the best place to start when looking for a fun Halloween costume. Now that Jersey Shore is in its second season, it’s about time that costumes have been made of Snookie, The Sitation, J-Woww and the rest of the cast.

Adult Brady Bunch Marcia Costume 
– Marcia, Marcia Marcia! It’s all that anyone heard during the ‘70s when this show was in its prime. We all remember when Marcia go hit with the football, and it’s fun to take a blast to the past with this cute costume. Just make sure you pick up a blonde wig too!

Viking Princess Adult Costume – We’ve all seen Greek, Roman and Egyptian princess every October 31st, so it’s about time that we get a cool Viking costume. It’ll keep you a tiny bit warmer than the other ancients, but it’s just as smoking!

Candy Corn Cutie Adult Costume – Adults can still dress up as witches too! We’re kind of upset that we haven’t seen witches in a while! It’s time for a comeback. These costumes can still be just as sexy as some of the others, but they really encompass the feeling of Halloween too!