6 Spring Must-Try Fashion Trends

6 Spring Must-Try Fashion Trends

Don’t be alarmed when you hear that ’60s and ’70s clothing is back in the limelight. We’re only talking about the good trends, not the flowers in your hair or tops with over-sized sleeves. This season is being dominated by fun, bold styles whose roots can be traced back to the time of Woodstock, disco and JFK. The pale, under-done spring colors of the past are out, and this season is filled with wilder fashion, and tons of ways to make every look your own.

1. Wide Leg Pants

We know that bell-bottoms aren’t always the most flattering since they tend to widen out your entire frame rather than just your knees and downward. But when paired with a sleek, tucked in blouse and some fun, kitten-heels, it’ll become an updated and much fresher look that flaunt your curves.

2. Cropped Tops

Tops that end right above the belly bottom we’re ultra-sexy in the ‘90s, but rather than showing too much skin this spring, wear a fun-colored tank underneath a neutral-colored cropped top, and dress it up with a cute headband and tons of metallic bangles.

3. Strong Colors

Pastels were often thought as the typical spring colors, but not this year. Bold blues and fire-engine reds are scorching the runways. Think cheerful hues, and mix them up with a variety of prints and styles. Stripes and polka-dots are a good place to start.

4. A-Line Coats

The weather during this season is a little unpredictable, so everyone needs a fun spring-time coat to get you through the rain. Instead of something that tugs at your curves, try an a-line jacket that flows out near the bottom. Then pair it with a textured pair of leggings or tights. Skip over the black and white jackets, and try an emerald or sapphire jewel tone.

5. Full Skirts

Instead of letting that skirt hang all the way to the ground, try a style that only flairs out slightly and end at your knees. Skirts that only take advantage of one hue are out. Whimsical patterns, some of which look more boho than high-fashion, may seem more conservative, but they’re a must-try for fashionistas.

6. White Out

While striking colors are big this season, so is the most minimalistic shade of them all. Runaways have been filled with models donning white from head to toe, and while we’re not advocating that you do the same, we’d recommend that you invest in a white t-shirt, white capris and a light white sweater. You can always dress up those pieces with a bold color, for a splash of fun.