6 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings

6 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings

Jeans are so last year! Style your bottom this season with leggings, or even jeggings (denim with spandex in it). Your look will be fresh, and you can rock a ton of different styles with these form-fitting pants. Plus, they can actually make you look thinner (if they’re in black). Who wouldn’t want that? Leggings also work as a blank canvas, so you’re pretty much able to do whatever you want with your top, hair and accessories. Keep reading for 6 cute ways to wear your leggings.

1. Off-the-shoulder sweater

Every winter, these sweaters are seen all over runways, but the difference is that they’re now working with leggings and not jeans. Your shoulders will be bare, so opt for a thicker sweater that will keep you warm. Dark colors work well with this style and match them up with a cute-pair of ankle-high boots and an adorable winter hat.

2. A long cardigan with tons of layers

Since your bottom half is going to be toned down in a neutral shade, try opting for a bunch of colors and layers on top. Start with a white tanks and work your way up by adding other tanks, t-shirts and topping it all off with a longer cardigan. You don’t want your tush to be showing. That’s a leggings no-no. Complete your outfit with a thin belt around your waist, which will keep your sweater from swallowing you up.

3. Over-sized t-shirts

This look is casual, but it allows you to let your personality shine through. Big tees have been at the top of the fashion charts for a while now, and you can find them anywhere from Forever 21 to Target to Nordstrom. If you want to go the safe route, stick to a solid colored top. For those of us who want to be a little bolder, try a screen tee or one with a fun pattern, like leopard. Dress up the look by adding bangles all up and down your wrist and a feminine hair accessory.

4. Ripped jeans

You might think that tattered denim belongs in the trash, but we totally disagree. Just wear a pair of black leggings underneath the jeans, and you’ve saved those pants! While this look reminds a little of ‘90s grunge, you can still ramp it up by tucking in a fun tank and wearing a chunky pair of pumps. Curl your hair, let it hang and just be thankful that your leggings could save those $100 jeans!

5. A dress and knee-high boots

Perfect for work or even a lounge, this outfit is one of our favorites. It stinks having to put our dresses away during the winter, but leggings make them year-round staples. Pretty much any chic/casual dress can be paired with black leggings, but the tricky part comes to the shoes. We recommend getting a comfortable pair of knee-high boots, preferably in black or brown. The leggings then become a base, and your dress and shoes steal the show!

6. Sweats

Yes, leggings can even be used in a sporty-stylish way. We’re not talking the t-shirt you wore for high school basketball, but the cute tanks from Victoria secret. Some sweats just seem to baggy and make you look unkempt, but pairing a zipped-up sweater with a long tank underneath, will make you look sexy as opposed to messy.