6 Sizzling Summer Fashion Trends

6 Sizzling Summer Fashion Trends

Show a little bit of skin this summer, and rock it proudly! After all, it’s not like we can wear sundresses and skirts all year long! We’re here to tell you what the top trends of the season are, and we’re not exaggerating when we say, they’re hot! Sizzling orange and lace are just the tip of this iceberg!

1. Pajama Style

Don’t think that you can get away wearing your Spider Man jammies this summer. This trend is all about sexy, negligee-style tops that are sheer, with the exception of a tank underneath. Slouchy pants in neutral colors are another big look for the season.

2. Country Fashion

This trend is all about materials, crochet and lace especially. And don’t think that you’re limited to tops either. Skirts, hats and dresses look fabulous in crochet. Keep in mind that this is a natural look, so stick to hippie-like accessories. We’re talking wood bangles, long necklaces, forehead bands and satchels.

3. Orange

While all neon shades are hot every summer, we’re betting that orange is going to be the number one headliner. This goes from orange off-the-shoulder tops to slinky dresses to cute little headbands. And don’t forget about a manicure. Ask for a bright orange and you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

4. Stripes

Instead of wearing boring black stripes, spice things up with multi-colored lines on a fun sundress or a basic tank. Stripes have gotten a bad rep in the past. But the truth is that while they’re not ultra-flattering, they’re cute, simple and a fun way to get some faux dimension into your look.

5. Cropped Tops

Stick to a white or black cropped top and dress it up with a fun, patterned tank underneath. Opt for cropped tops that fall off the shoulder, and avoid any tops that are too overdone or fancy. This look should be relatively basic. After all, it works best on the beach!

6. Gladiator Pumps

The sandaled version of this look was all the rage last summer, and its chic counterpart is now stealing the spotlight. Think strappy heels with leather, and you’ll be on the right track. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out celebrity style pictures. We guarantee they’ll be on this look as soon as summer hits.