5 Tips for Creating a Fashion Style

5 Tips for Creating a Fashion Style

Fashion styles doesn’t just change as season come and go. Every other week there seems to be a new trend hitting the runways, and others that, just as quickly, fade away. Rather than jump on each hot (but temporary) look, it’s sometimes safer to stick to your own personal style, based on the types of clothes you like to wear and what flatters you. Check out our guide for how to create your own personal style after the jump!

1. Explore Your Closet 

Even if you want to reinvent your style completely, it’s always smart to begin with what you already have. Basics, like solid-colored tanks and tees, never get old. You can always mix and match pieces like this with newer ones, like jeggings or a long, layered necklace.

2. Magazines and Blogs

Flipping through the pages of the latest women’s magazines can give you tons of fashion inspiration. Not only can you check out what the hottest celebrities are wearing, but some also cover fashion shows. There are many bloggers who specialize in fashion, and they not only cover trends, but some actually write about their own outfits!

3. Accessories

Many women forget the importance of accessories when planning out their outfits. The truth is accessories can make or break a look. A pearl necklace can make you look about 10 years older, and a pink headband can do the reverse. When creating a style, try to stick to 1-2 accessories, and make sure they complement each other either in color or material.

4. Keywords

When someone asks me about my style, I usually say things like comfortable and t-shirts. These keywords let them know something specific about the way I like to dress, and it can help salespeople at clothing stores help you pick out pieces. For example, if you say the word feminine, the salesperson could pick out a soft-colored skirt and a lacy top.

5. Flattering Fits

You might want to wear a turtleneck, but it might not work with your body type. Unfortunately, certain looks don’t work for everyone, depending on their body shapes. We’ve got lots of tips to help you determine which looks to pass on. Check out our Dress Your Body Type section here!