5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Outfit

5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Outfit

With holiday parties galore happening in the coming weeks, it’s important to have a couple of outfits lined up and ready to go just in case you need to attend an event at the last minute. Fit & Fab has a lot of helpful tips to aid you in piecing together outfits from what you already own, and looking sophisticated and seasonally appropriate at every opportunity.

Match the Color Scheme

For winter holiday parties, the color scheme is muted and dark. Just because this sounds dull at first, don’t let it bring down your mood or style! Just make sure you aren’t wearing a floral print or white shoes, and try to think of your outfit as midnight-themed. For accessories, incorporate classic jewel tones of purple, blue, or green, to add festive holiday colors. Beware of including both green and red in your outfit – even though it’s festive, it’s not sophisticated.

Add Some Glamour

Holidays are all about the sparkle, and there are lots of ways to incorporate this bright trend in your ensemble. With patterned tights, a box clutch, or even a glitter top, you can add some silver or gold tones to any outfit. Also popular are grommeted items and wide belts that you wear over a basic dress or skirt.


You can get away with bold statement pieces during the holidays more than at any other time of year. Try a chunky necklace or cocktail ring, and just see the compliments you’ll get on your unique bling.

It's All About the Shoes

With holiday attire, a bold pair of shoes is a must. Whether you wear black knee-high boots or satin pumps with bows, make sure that you have a bit of a heel. Even if heels aren’t your thing, a basic black boot should have a stacked heel at least 1 1/2” high. If you’re brave enough to face winter weather in real stilettos, rock on. 

Make Sure You Can Have Fun

If your clothes or shoes are too rigid for fun, and you’re constantly worrying about if everything’s in the right place, wear something else. The whole point of holiday parties is to relax, and have fun with coworkers, family, and friends. If you’re not comfortable, it will definitely show on your face.