Want Great Hands? Try Wearing Gloves To Bed

Just because the temperature is warming up it doesn’t mean you should forget about wearing gloves. Well, cotton beauty gloves that is. 

A common reason for wearing gloves all night long is simple – it contributes to having soft hands, which is always a struggle, particularly after this harsh winter as dry air tends to rob the hands of moisture.

Beauty specialists note that wearing gloved to bed can help protect the skin and keep moisture in. The body repairs itself at night, and the fingers take quite a beating during the day. So why not treat them at night?

For people who suffer from dry, cracked, and painful skin conditions, wearing gloves at night can help the skin to recover from the day much more quickly. Experts in the beauty industry point out that the kinds of gloves are important, as is the application of a good moisturizing lotion, or a jelly like Vaseline.

Try buying breathable, cotton gloves, just simple ones, that don’t scratch, or itch, and that won’t overheat. Gloves made of leather or wool, for example, wouldn’t be appropriate.

This logic also applies to your feet. If you feel like you are noticing dry feet sleep with breathable cotton socks and lotion and wake up to beautiful feet. 

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