Seven Surprisingly Dirty Surfaces

Seven Surprisingly Dirty Surfaces

Though we make it our goal to keep our houses clean, it’s inevitable that we forget to clean some areas. Disinfecting surfaces is the way to avoid getting sick, especially during this particularly harsh flu season. Here are the seven dirtiest surfaces in your home. The next time you have a chance to clean, you might want to make sure you give these a once-over to make sure they aren’t dirty any more.

Sinks- Though we spend a lot of time tending to cleaning things such as the microwave and the toilet bowl, the sinks in our home may not be getting enough of the attention they deserve, even though they come into just as many germs as the other surfaces. We recommend wiping down with some white vinegar and rinsing with scalding hot water.

Refrigerator Handles- Think about it, when’s the last time you cleaned the handle of your fridge. While we spend so much time eliminating odors and rotten food from our fridge, we may not spend enough time getting rid of the germs on the handle. A quick wipe down with some diluted bleach should clean it quickly.  

Credit Cards- Our credit cards get passed around so many times during the day, but do we even think to clean them off? Give them a quick soak in some rubbing alcohol and wipe them dry once a week.

Appliance Exteriors- We may go to town cleaning the insides of our appliances, but wiping the exteriors is important in preventing germs as well. Use a high-heat steam cleaner to remove grime and kill germs on the outside of your appliances.

Toilet Paper Holders- The bathroom is supposed to be one of the cleanest rooms in the house. So why is one of the dirtiest surfaces there? Recent research suggests that up to 82% of households don’t regularly clean the toilet paper holder. Wonder why you got sick last week? Could have been this under-cleaned item. A simple disinfectant will do the trick here.

Phones- They ring, we answer, we hang up. But we also cough, sneeze, and spit into them too. It’s gross, but true. Wipe the entire surface of all your phones down with some white vinegar or some diluted bleach to sanitize.

Sponges- The sponge is so overworked. We use it to clean countertops, sinks, and dishes. But we might be spreading more germs than killing. To quickly sanitize your sponges, place a tablespoon of white vinegar into the center and microwave the sponge on high for two minutes. Submerge in a bowl of vinegar after it’s done and rinse with cool water. It’ll be as good as new!